Pilot uses flight path to create powerful tribute to George Floyd

A pilot has sent out a powerful message by flying hundreds of kilometres over Canada as part of a tribute to George Floyd.

Dimitri Neonakis decided to take a very specific flight path while flying over Nova Scotia on Thursday.

Neonakis flew over 530km, with the flight pattern revealing the shape of a raised fist, a symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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“For George. Today I flew this 330 nautical mile flight pattern which took the shape of a movement symbol which I respect and support,” he wrote on Facebook.

“While I was up there moving around free, the words of George Floyd “I can’t Breathe” came to mind a few times, a stark contrast.

“I see a World of one race in multi colours — this is the World I see, and this is my message!! End Racism.”

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The trip took about two-and-a-half hours, with Neonakis telling CNN saying he made the image to express his feelings over Floyd’s death.

“I feel the need to speak out and my way is in the air,” he said.

“Even though no one is going to see it, it makes me feel good… I know it’s for them, the people oppressed over the years.

“We all have to speak out and we have to end it. There are no borders when it comes to racism.”

Neonakis has previously taken similar actions in the wake of tragedies.

After nine people were killed in a mass shooting in Nova Scotia in April, he took to the air and traced the shape of a heart.

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