Police make emergency declaration following break-in

An armed robber has taken a woman hostage during a bungled break-and-enter at a home on Brisbane’s north side.

Specialist police and negotiators are talking with a man and a woman inside the house in Atrium Way, Everton Hills.

The man is armed with a knife and has taken the woman hostage, police say.

Police were called to the property at 3am and three hours later an emergency declaration was announced.

Local residents in Everton Hills have been urged to remain in their homes.

Police negotiators are on the scene.

According to a Channel 9 reporter at the scene, the woman was an accomplice of the man but is now being held hostage by him.

Police said he was armed with a “bladed weapon”.

Four adult residents of the home were reportedly evacuated safely.

The emergency declaration covers the area bounded by South Pine Rd, Dawson Parade and Gallery Lane.

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