Police release sketch of man found dead in Sydney

NSW police have released a sketch of an unidentified man found dead in Sydney earlier this year.

The body of the mystery man was found on Hunt Street in Sydney’s central Surry Hills neighbourhood on April 17.

He was carrying no ID or phone and police have still not been able to identify him.

Very little is known about the man, and police want to find out who he is so that his family can be contacted.

“Detectives have been unable to identify him and, therefore, notify his next of kin,” police wrote in a statement.

The new sketch was released on Friday along with a new plea for anyone who might recognize him to get in touch with police.

The man is described as being of Asian or South American appearance and about 170 centimetres tall with a slim build.

He is believed to have been aged in his 20s or early 30s when he died.

Police said he had the unusual characteristic of “distinctive ears with no lobes”.

He was wearing a light-blue shirt and black trousers when he was found.

Police do not believe his death was suspicious.

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