Police take action after attack on Seven News crew amid US riots

US Police have taken action against officers involved in an attack on Australian journalists covering violent protests in the US.

During a live broadcast on Sunrise on Tuesday, cameraman Tim Myers and US correspondent Amelia Brace were targeted by police as protesters ran from police outside the White House in Washington DC.

Video shows an officer hitting Mr Myers with a shield and appearing to punch him as he covered himself behind a wall. Brace also appeared to be hit over the back with a baton as she ran from police. The crew said they were “worse for wear” after the incident after being hit with batons and rubber bullets.

The officers from the United States Park Police have been placed on Administrative duties while an investigation into the indicate is conducted. The US Park Police announced the inquiry on Twitter this morning.

“As is consistent with our established practices and procedures, two US Park Police officers have been assigned to administrative duties, while an investigation takes place regarding the incident with the Australian Press,” the statement said.

The move comes after Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged an investigation into the incident, saying he would support the Seven Network if they wished to formally complain.

The US Ambassador to Australia Arthur B Culvahouse Jr also issued a statement online yesterday, saying freedom of the press is a “right Australians and Americans hold dear” and “we take mistreatment of journalists seriously”.

Foreign Minister Marise Payne has said the Federal Government was taking on the incident as a “very serious matter”.

“Our Embassy in the United States will approach the relevant authorities, and Channel Seven will also provide us with their views on how they wish to deal with it,” Ms Payne said.

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