Powerful moments from Australia’s Black Lives Matter protests

Black Lives Matter protests swept through the nation yesterday, bringing thousands of Aussies together as they rallied for the rights of their Indigenous peoples.

Around the country the protesters were, mostly, praised by police for their conduct.

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Stunning photos captured by those attending the protests show the sheer magnitude of pain felt by the Australian community, indigenous and non-indigenous alike.

It comes as protests in the US have reached their 12th day – sparked by the death of George Floyd in police custody.

A picture tells 1000 words. Here are those pictures:


About 5000 people were originally expected to rally in honour of George Floyd and Australian man David Dungay Jr in Sydney, but NSW Police say 20,000 protesters showed up.

Others reckon that number was much higher.

At the very last minute, the Sydney protest was deemed lawful.

Some held signs saying “Police the police” and “Same s*** different soil” as the crowd chanted “I can’t breathe”, the final words uttered repeatedly by Mr Floyd and Mr Dungay.

A short scuffle broke out between officers and protesters as police tried to move forward in an underground section of Central station.

At least two officers used pepper spray, with up to 30 people in the firing line.

NSW Police made just three arrests in Sydney, which Assistant Commissioner Mick Willing said was a “really positive result”.


In Melbourne, crowds reached numbers as high as 10,000 people.

They spread out along Bourke and Spring Streets to ensure social distancing was followed.

Protest marshals wearing fluoro vests were giving people hand sanitiser as they entered the parliamentary precinct.

Victoria Police praised people for their behaviour at Melbourne’s Saturday protest — but said they will fine the organisers of the huge event.

Police on Friday warned that organisers could be fined if coronavirus restrictions were breached, as a 20-person limit on outdoor gatherings still applies in Victoria.

Otherwise, police were “generally pleased” with the behaviour of the crowd.

There were no arrests and no reports of property damage.


Thousands of people also flocked to inner-city Brisbane with crowds spilling from King George Square to neighbouring blocks.

Queensland Police estimate more than 10,000 people gathered in King George Square in Brisbane’s CBD for the protest, which kicked off at 1:00pm.

People packed stairwells and balconies to get a view while others brandished signs calling for reform in Queensland and across the world.


About 5000 Aussies converged in Adelaide yesterday, calling for racial justice.

In Canberra, more than 300 people gathered on the lawn in front of Parliament House for the city’s second protest in as many days.

About 1,000 people also gathered in Townsville, North Queensland, Saturday morning, for a peaceful rally to stand against black deaths in custody.

In Alice Springs, more than 500 people gathered on the courthouse lawns to hold what organisers called a “peaceful vigil in memory of George Floyd and all lives lost to police and incarceration both nationally and internationally”.

There were also rallies in Hobart and Darwin, as well as regional towns including Wyong and Byron Bay in New South Wales, and Mildura in Victoria.


The reaction to George Floyd’s death has gained momentum internationally.

Aside from the US, the UK is particularly battling with violent crowds.

The world waits with bated breath to see what will happen next.

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