Pregnant socialite goes viral after calling cops on African-American woman

A white woman from New York City is going viral online after she was filmed calling the police on an African American woman times, claiming the woman was attacking her and her children.

African-American woman Janae Garcia shared several videos of the exchange on her Instagram account @_brownsugarbaby, showing the white woman, Svitlana Flom, making multiple 911 calls claiming she was being sworn at and threatened.

Ms Flom, who is married to bankrupted former car dealer Gary Flom, can be heard telling police the woman called her a “b*tch” and had been “threatening” her and her children. She also claimed the woman had been “playing the black card”. In the clip her husband can be seen walking away as the incident unfolds.

“This woman, Svitlana Flom, @artdefete felt the need to not only approach me but call the cops multiple times on me,” Ms Garcia wrote on Instagram.

“She was too ‘alarmed’ that I was sitting ‘comfortably’ in ‘her neighbourhood’.

Ms Garcia said she lived in a nearby building and had been sitting on a bench outside before being approached by Ms Flom, who proceeded to call police after accusing her of smoking. At one point, Ms Flom, on the phone to police, gestures to Ms Garcia, asking her to walk with her to the police station in the distance.

“If Bozo was a person, it would be you,” Ms Garcia responds.

Ms Flom can also be heard telling police, “she came to me and my kids, threatening me” during the incident and looking at the woman, saying, “African-American”.

She also repeatedly complains to police, “She is filming me,” saying “I want the video to be gone”.

Ms Flom is a co-owner of French restaurant Maison Vivienne which has two locations in the Upper East Side and Southampton.

She is well known on the New York City socialite ring and has been featured in high end social circuit party pictures.

But Ms Flom told Page Six that Ms Garcia’s video was edited to make her “look like a racist”.

“She put her narrative on it to make me look like a racist,” Ms Flom said. “She twisted the entire thing like she’s some poor girl sitting alone on a bench and I’m white trash, harassing her for no reason.”

Ms Flom called for Ms Garcia “post the whole” video unedited.

Ms Flom’s husband is the former president and CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Manhattan.

Land Rover Manhattan addressed the incident on their Facebook Page, writing that the business had changed hands in 2017 after Mr Flom went bankrupt. They said none of the Flom family members are associated with the business.

The New York Police Department said they’d responded to a 911 call after a woman complained she was being harassed in the 20th Precinct at about 6.52pm on Friday, according to the Daily Mail.

Complex reported the police arrived but left without making an arrest.

Ms Flom has set her Instagram profile to private.

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