Rain bomb to hit most of Australia this weekend

Heavy rain is expected to pour across Australia this weekend.

A cold front that’s brought wet weather to Western Australian will start to push south and east over to Adelaide into Saturday afternoon.

Perth was hit with more than 20mm of rain today and a separate front could see Brisbane receive up to 35mm rainfall on Sunday.

Localised, heavy falls are expected across southeast Queensland for most of the weekend and NSW will be hit with showers and thunderstorms Sunday.

“It’s looking like a wet weekend across most of the eastern seaboard,” Sky News Weather Meteorologist Alison Osborne said.

“That cold front will continue to sweep through Victoria, Tasmania and eventually NSW.

“The rain keeps on coming.”

She said up to 50mm could hit Queensland by Monday.

Ms Osborne said a second rain band associated with another front would also make its way across South Australia on Sunday.

Adelaide should receive about 10mm with strong winds and temperatures dropping to 12C.

Canberra will have showers across the weekend, while Victoria is set to be dry on Saturday with showers developing, continuing into Sunday.

Tasmania should see dry and party cloudy conditions, with a high chance of showers in Launceston on Sunday.

Temperatures are expected to drop to a low of 3C in Canberra and Hobart.

Weather warnings have been issued for areas along the coasts of Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania with gusts of 90km/h winds expected.

The Bureau of Meteorology says a “vigorous north to north-westerly air stream” will develop during tomorrow ahead of the cold front, which is expected to move over Victoria later in the day.

There is a risk of localised damage to some property and trees.

The only part of the country set to stay dry is Darwin, with showers also expected in north Queensland.

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