Satanic ‘cult leader’ allegedly forced kids to drink blood after luring them with cheap English lessons

Police allege an Italian man was a satanic cult leader who sexually abused children, forcing them to “drink a mixture of bodily fluids after luring them with the promise of English lessons”.

Matteo Valdambrini, who was arrested in Prato, Tuscany, has been charged with 13 counts of sexual violence, slavery and child pornography.

Mr Valdambrini allegedly referred to himself as “Il Diavolo” meaning the “The Devil” and is accused of forcing cult members to perform sexual acts with him.

Police say he carried out disturbing rituals on his victims, encouraging them to drink a mixture of blood and semen as well as supposedly stabbing the brain of a dead animal.

He is alleged to have told the victims that the abuse would give them supernatural powers “like vampires or werewolves”.

He would often bite down on their arms to draw blood before drinking it in the vampire-like ritual as a sign of union, it is believed by police.

According to reports, he allegedly abused at least 13 young people, some aged 17, in the forests of Prato between 2018 and 2019.

He is thought to have lured those victims with the promise of English lessons, according to an Italian news site, allegedly offering them for free in exchange for sex.


The suspect, who was studying at Florence University, allegedly told the young people they had been chosen to save the world.

He is alleged to have selected them by looking for vulnerable people online and through word of mouth.

The alleged satanist is said to have created a “resurrection ritual” where he would be strangled by new members of the sect before pretending to be dead and then standing up as if resurrected.

He allegedly threatened his victims to stop them reporting the abuse and told one girl she had to have sex with him or her seven-year-old sister and parents would die.


The victims were allegedly told having sex with him could get rid of their demons.

Local newspaper Corriere reports that on New Year’s Eve 2018 the young people were allegedly told to eat “human meat” he claimed to have bought from a man selling bodies in Florence.

It is unclear if the meat was actual human flesh.

Victims were allegedly forced to send naked pictures of themselves to Mr Valdambrini which resulted in the child pornography charge.

The sect’s rituals allegedly involved physical violence, with victims being told to have their arms bitten so they could have supernatural powers.

He also allegedly told his followers he could change into different creatures.

The investigation is still ongoing.

This story originally appeared on the US Sun and has been republished with permission

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