Scott Morrison says 100 person cap on venues will be removed

The 100-person cap on venues will be removed and replaced with the four square metre rule as part of step three of the easing of restrictions, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed today.

Mr Morrison said venues with a capacity of less than 40,000 people will be able to accommodate up to 10,000 patrons for indoor and outdoor events including for funerals, sporting and cultural events.

It’s expected that step three will be undertaken in July.

Mr Morrison announced the change after meeting with premiers and chief ministers at today’s National Cabinet meeting.

The PM said there were still issues to be addressed regarding access to bars and other common areas where people gather but as long as people attend a ticketed event and they are seated, these sorts of gatherings will be able to take place.

However, the relaxation of restrictions won’t apply to large folk festivals where people “roam around” from tent to tent.

“That of course would extend to outdoor festivals where they are ticketed and where they have seated,” he said.

“That is not something that is being talked about here,” Mr Morrison said.

“It would have to be a large, open area. There would need to be seats at the appropriate distance. It would need to be ticketed, and so people would be able to understand who was in attendance at that event.”

For venues with a capacity of more than 40,000 people, Mr Morrison said he expected there would be “discrete approval” that would be worked out with the chief health minister in each state or territory.

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