Shopper throws baskets, abuses Woolworths staff

A Woolworths customer has been captured throwing baskets and abusing staff in the self-serve checkout area of an ACT store.

The footage, shared by a stunned shopper on Facebook, shows the shopper hurling shopping baskets at employees in the state’s Weston Creek store yesterday afternoon.

The shopper can then be heard swearing at the security and store staff.

While a number of shoppers continued to checkout their groceries, a number of others can be seen watching the exchange in alarm.

A Woolworths spokesperson told no team members were injured in the incident.

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They saidthe supermarket is assisting police with inquiries, and “have offered our full support to all team members involved”.

“The safety of our team members is our top priority and we do not tolerate violence towards them in any circumstance,” they said.

“All team members deserve to be treated with respect and we will not hesitate to work with police to issue banning notices to customers who think it’s acceptable to abuse our team.”

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