Snowtown records 3.1 magnitude earthquake

South Australia has been hit by the third earthquake this year, after the town of Snowtown recorded a 3.1 magnitude quake on Wednesday night.

Chief Seismologist at Seismological Association of Australia, David Love, said the quake had hit at 8.01pm, with an epicentre about 10 kilometres southwest of the town.

Snowtown is about 145km north of Adelaide.

“The shake was big enough to be felt in Snowtown, Lochiel and Bute,” Mr Love said.

“The depth of the earthquake is estimated at 10km.”

The town felt a “tiny” aftershock two hours later.

It follows two earthquakes, with magnitudes of 2.0 and 2.1, on Sunday afternoon.

“The area has had a number of other small earthquakes over the last few years,” Mr Love said.

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