Sony Action Cam camera found at Bondi survived 7 years underwater

It took seven years to be found, but just two hours to be reunited with its owner.

A Sony Action Cam sat at the bottom of the ocean in Bondi Beach since 2013 but will now be returned to the travellers who lost it.

Now the camera is being praised for its durability, with many wanting to know the brand and saying the tale is a great advertisement for Sony.

Jan Kadlec posted about his find on the Bondi Local Loop Facebook page yesterday and within two hours had tracked down the men in the photos he shared.

“Does anyone recognise these (likely German/ Austrian/ Swiss) gentlemen?,” he wrote.

“Just found their waterproof camera that seems to have been on the sea bottom at Bondi since 29/10/2013.

“Would you please tell them to DM and arrange pick-up if interested? (Apologies, the previous assumption that the owner could be Brazilian was false. We just found a sentence that is clearly in German).”

One woman shared the post on a Brazilian Facebook page and almost immediately one of the men in the photos was found.

As it turned out, Mr Kadlec said the owner was a friend of a friend.

One of the men in the photo, Philip Lo, later commented, “You’re the best!”.

He confirmed the camera was lost at Bondi seven years go.

“Thanks for finding our camera!,” he said.

Another man replied, “This is really insane”.

Mr Kadlec later updated his post saying the case was closed.

“Owner found. The camera (Sony Action Cam) was indeed seven years at the sea bottom (confirmed with the owner),” he said.

“Amazing to watch how powerful the social media is. It took less than two hours! Big THANKS to all who helped to find the guys. Have a nice Sunday!”

Many wanted to know the brand of the camera.

Mr Kadlec said he was surprised there wasn’t any water inside the housing.

“The metal contacts were a bit oxidised, but the SD card still works,” he said.

One man commented, “Love this, it’s crazy that the camera has been sitting under the sea and those photos are still on the SD card.”

Another said, “Must be a damn good waterproof camera. Let us know the details so we can buy one.”

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