Statue of slave trader Edward Colston, toppled by protesters in the U.K

Black Lives Matter protesters in the UK have toppled a sculpture of a seventeenth century slave dealer into a harbor.


As conflicts between London police and protesters continue, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said worldwide demonstrations started by the passing of George Floyd in Minnesota on May 25 had been “subverted by thuggery”.

Venting their displeasure at England’s provincial history in the port of Bristol, west of London, demonstrators joined ropes to the sculpture of Edward Colston before pulling it down to cheers from the group.

The Colston statue was removed from the avenue bearing the merchant’s name and eventually rolled into the city’s harbour.


Born in 1636, Colston was prominently engaged with Britain’s sole authority slaving organization at that point, the Royal African Company, which moved a huge number of Africans over the Atlantic Ocean, mainly to the Caribbean.

Britain formally abolished the slave trade in 1807.

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