Teen boy kills parents in ‘blue whale’ online suicide game

A teenage boy has shot and killed both his parents before taking his own life as part of a disturbing online challenge.

The tragic incident took place in Lefkoniko, Northern Cyprus. Local media reports the family’s deaths were linked to the disturbing “blue whale” online suicide challenge. The challenge involves a series of tasks, which escalate over 50 days, and can end in violence.

The bodies of Ibrahim Cobanoglu, 52, and wife Bengu, 48, were discovered by their neighbours, after they were killed in their sleep, according to The Sun.

The youngest son, Cinar Cobanoglu, 14, was also discovered with serious injuries nearby. He was taken to Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital where he later died.

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The neighbours were alerted after the family’s other son, Erlap, 18, ran to them and said his

“younger brother had gone berserk”.

At the property they discovered the parents were dead, according to local outlet sozcu.com.

The neighbour said: “We woke up at three in the morning with a violent knock on our door.”

Turkish police are continuing their investigation. Police said it was too early comment on whether the teen was influenced by social media.

A police spokesperson said the parents “lost their lives at the scene by being shot with a pistol in the bedroom of their residence”.

“Cınar Cobanoglu was taken to state hospital, despite all the interventions, lost his life because he could not be saved.”

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