The Voice Australia host Darren McMullen on how he’s enjoyed COVID-19 lockdown

The Voice Australia host Darren McMullen has been loving his time alone as life slowed down in isolation.

He has become quite the accomplished cook, spending hours in the kitchen.

He is hoping as we venture back into normal life he will be whipping up fabulous food.



I’ve actually become an obsessed cook. I managed to make it to 38 years barely cooking baked beans and now cooking three times a day isn’t enough.

I’ve started baking as well. And on top of that making my dog two meals a day.

I’m absolutely knackered today, I went down a rabbit hole of Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver videos last night until 2am.

While I don’t want to be a chef, if I can combine my two loves of hosting shows and cooking – that would be phenomenal.


I tend to only read nonfiction, unless it’s a script.

I went to the book store yesterday and I bought the Snowden autobiography, Permanent Record, Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator Of Nike by Phil Knight and Red Notice: How I became Putin’s No. 1 Enemy by Bill Browder.

I only give a book 30 to 40 pages and if it’s crap, I’ve learn not to push through.

Time’s too important now so I’ll ditch it and move on to something else.


Interestingly, I’m probably watching less TV than before COVID-19 happened, maybe because I’ve been in the kitchen from morning to night.

I have been watching The Voice, I’ve found it to be cathartic in this times.

I do really love sports docu-series. I loved The Last Dance about Michael Jordan and a beautiful two-season documentary Sunderland ‘til I Die – a story of Sunderland being relegated from the Premier League in the UK.

It’s about the characters that rely on that team for joy and happiness and a break from the monotony of their day-to-day life. And Westworld – it’s actually the reason I got Foxtel, I love HBO shows, it was one of my favourite channels in the US.

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