Trains, light rail routes coronavirus-infected woman travelled on

Sydney commuters have been put on high alert after a person infected by the coronavirus rode trains and the light rail a dozen times while potentially contagious.

The woman worked at a hotel quarantine complex, the Novotel, and the Ibis in Darling Harbour, and her positive test result Wednesday night has sparked what the NSW Premier has labelled a “very serious” situation.

The Minto resident may have travelled from her home to the city multiple times while she was possibly infected, but not yet symptomatic.

NSW Health officials have provided a list of the train and light rail departures and asked anyone who travelled on the services listed to immediately get tested and self-isolate.

Light Rail:

  • Friday 27 November Convention to Central at 4:01pm – 4.11pm
  • Saturday 28 November Convention to Central at 3:14pm – 3.29pm
  • Sunday 29 November Convention to Capitol Square 3:58pm – 4.09pm
  • Sunday 29 November Capitol Square to Central 4.55pm – 5.03pm
  • Monday 30 November Central to Convention 06:39am – 6.54am
  • Monday 30 November Convention to Central 3.10pm – 3.26pm


  • Friday 27 November Minto to Lidcombe 04:55am – 5:52am
  • Friday 27 November Central to Lidcombe 4.12pm – 4.49pm
  • Saturday 28 November Central to Lidcombe 3.31pm – 4.32pm
  • Sunday 29 November Central to Lidcombe 5.05pm – 5.44pm
  • Monday 30 November Lidcombe to Central 06:14am – 06:37am
  • Monday 30 November Central to Minto 3.28pm – 4.20pm

NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant said the later time marker for each ride represents the time the woman “tapped off” using her Opal card.

That time is seen by contact tracers as more accurate than the “tap-on” time, because it’s possible a person might tap on and then miss the train.

“So if you’re trying to see if you were in the vicinity, we give a spectrum, from the tap-on and tap-off time, often the tap-off time will give an indication whether you were on that train,” Dr Chant said.

The T8 train line goes from Macarthur Station in Campbelltown, and passes through 16 stops including Minto, Glenfield, the airport, Mascot and Green Square.

The light rail line goes from Central to Convention in Darling Harbour then continues on through Glebe and onwards through the Inner West towards Dulwich Hill.

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