UK hairdressers told not to chat to customers under new virus rules

Chatting with your stylist as you have your hair cut could be a thing of the past as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The UK National Hair and Beauty Federation has asked British hairdressers to keep salon chat to a minimum and avoid “face-to-face discussions with clients”, The Sun reported.

It’s unclear whether Australian health advice will follow in their footsteps.

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The National Hair and Beauty Federation’s advice is simple: “Avoid face-to-face discussions with clients.”

Instead, UK salons have been asked to observe a “silence rule” when they reopen on July 4.

Customers are also being urged not to take coats or jackets into salons as the virus can linger on fabric for several days.

“Salons are putting their own rules in place based on common sense,” a federation spokesman said.

One company has told staff not to chat to customers while they have their hair washed.

Hairdressers working at Contemporary Salons, which has shops in the northeast of England and North Yorkshire, will wear PPE and customers will take part in a “virtual consultation”.

Managing director Alan Simpson said: “To ensure that all our clients feel confident and relaxed during their visit we have installed protective screens at reception, every two work stations and at the backwash to allow social distancing.

“Staff will also be adhering to the silence rule at the backwash so, not only can guests relax and enjoy their head massage, they can also feel reassured that germs and air particles are kept to a minimum.”

Mr Simpson said salons would be looking at “maintenance appointments” to start with before making more complicated sessions available.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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