Victoria records 397 COVID-19 infections, 3 deaths and 49 ‘mystery cases’

Victoria has recorded 397 new infections overnight, a welcome drop after the state recorded it’s two deadliest daily case totals in the past two days.

But three more have died, taking the state’s death toll to 116. A man and woman in their 80s, and a woman in her 90s died overnight – all three deaths were connected to aged-care.

A total of 379 Victorians are in hospital, with 41 in intensive care.

Of the 397 cases, 37 were linked to outbreaks and 360 were under investigation.

“This is a very significant number of new cases and while it’s tempting to read into the trends there is a growing concern for community transmission,” Premier Daniel Andrews told reporters on Saturday morning.

Of Victoria’s new infections recorded in “recent days” 49 are “mystery cases”.

Mr Andrews warned this meant contacts could not be traced back to the point of infection.

“Forty-nine doesn’t seem a very large number but … that can mean there are many more than 49 out there that have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all,” he said.

“They can be at the height of their infectivity and be infecting other people unbeknownst to them. That is the real challenge here. It is a silent enemy, it is a very cunning enemy as well.”

Police Minister Lisa Neville said Melburnians were continuing to breach lockdown restrictions.

She said three fines were issued for motorists caught travelling long distances: from Melbourne to Wodonga for “a big mac”; from Melbourne to Ballarat for “fresh air”; from Werribee to Springvale for “groceries”.

Ms Neville also said fines were issued to people caught at an illegal airbnb party.

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