Victorian council considers removing Angus McMillan monument.

A vote by the Victorian Council will decide whether or not to remove a monument honouring Scottish coloniser Angus McMillian, who has been linked to massacres of Indigenous Australians in Gippsland 170 years ago.


Tonight the motion will be put forward by Wellington Shire councillor Carolyn Crossley, calling for the removal of two cairns on council-owned land in Sale and Stratford.

“We have to give something, to reconcile our past to show that we do care and that black lives mattered in 1843, just like black lives matter now,” Cr Crossley said.

“It has to start with us, with the white community, and we can’t just do it in our comfort zone.”

Angus McMillan has been connected to massacres at Warrigal Creek and in different areas close Woodside and Port Albert in 1843, in which around 300 First Nation peoples were murdered.

Gunai Kurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation had previously lobbied the Australian Electoral Commission to change the name of the Federal electorate of McMillan, which was renamed Monash in 2018.

GLAWAC chief executive Roger Fenwick says “These cairns represent abhorrent acts to Aboriginal people in Gippsland with colonisation,”

Wellington Shire Council will likewise cast a ballot tonight on whether to rename public reserves along with abolishing any references to Angus McMillan.

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