Victoria’s lockdown set to ease from June 1

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has just announced relaxed restrictions from June 1, with the advice no longer being “stay at home”.

The state will have completed more than 200,000 tests by the end of May which gives the state “options”, Mr Andrews said.

Overall, the state is on track to ease lockdowns as planned, with Step Two beginning next Tuesday May 26, according to Mr Andrews.

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From May 26:

  • Public playgrounds, outdoor gyms and skateparks can open as long as there’s no more than 10 people gathered.

From June 1:

  • Gatherings of up to 20 people will be allowed in the home, including the members of the household
  • Overnight stays – including hotels, motels and other accommodation — will be permitted across the state
  • Swimming pools will reopen
  • Funerals allowed up to 50 people
  • Libraries, youth centres and other community facilities will be able to open
  • entertainment and cultural venues like galleries, museums, drive-in cinemas and historic sites will be able to open their doors, alongside zoos and outdoor amusement parks

From June 22:

  • Alpine resorts, described by Mr Andrews as “a billion dollar industry”, will reopen to skiers
  • Gyms will reopen for 20 people
  • 50 people allowed in cafes, restaurants and bars.

On Monday there will be a pupil-free day and the following day – May 26 – classes will resume for Prep, Grade 1, Grade 2, Year 11 and Year 12.

On June 9, Grades 3 through to 10 will rejoin their school mates.

All government schools will have returned to class by June 9.

Premier Dan Andrews has not given workers the green light to return to work yet – saying the risk is still too high.

“Working from home is very, very important. In fact, it is critical,” Mr Andrews said.

“If we have literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people returning to office blocks, pressing lift buttons, sharing the kitchen, using common spaces, bathrooms and other spaces like that, then we will simply have this virus get away from us. It is the greatest risk to a second wave.

“It contributes the greatest, we think, to the potential of a second wave and all that we are trying to avoid, the notion of having to reimpose some of these rules.”

Mr Andrews said the government would continue to assess the working from home arrangement but it would likely stay in place until the end of June.

“I know it is inconvenient working from home and I apologise for the inconvenience but if you have been working from home you must keep working from home throughout June,” he said.

“We will work through particularly the issue of working from home with those large, not just CBD employers but there will be employers, large office space employment right across the city and state.

“It is inconvenient but it is a must. If we have everybody returning to business as usual in those indoor workplaces then we will just see this virus spread and all of our good work will be frittered away.”

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