Weather set to turn wet, cold

Not one, not two, but three low pressure systems are conspiring to bring cold, wintry temperatures and soggy conditions to the south east for the weekend. There could even be some snow on higher ground.

Before that happens there will be a brief rise in the mercury on Friday. But the milder conditions won’t last.

Surface temperature could be up to 5C above average on Friday with Melbourne and Adelaide topping out between 17 and 19C over the next few days. Inland areas of New South Wales could get above 20C.

Sky News Weather meteorologist Tom Saunders said that could lead to some very pleasant conditions for the south east. Enjoy it while you can because a “complex” trio of systems is approaching.

“Temperatures will drop through Saturday, and by Sunday in the middle of the afternoon it could be below 10C along the ranges include Tasmania.

“So, becoming quite cold, feeling more wintry, and we’ll get some rainfall,” he said.

By early on Sunday there could be as many as three low pressure systems hovering over the country’s south.

“One low will bring widespread showers to South Australia and western Victoria, there is another centred on Tasmania and we should get a third centre developing just off the NSW coast,” Mr Saunders said.

They will likely linger meaning showers could persist across many parts of southeast Australia into the early part of next week.


Sunny in Adelaide today with a high of 19C then the front hits bringing showers, heavy at times, for Friday and a maximum of 17C.

More rain on Saturday and a drop in temperature to just 14C with an overnight low of 8C before another soggy day on Sunday.

Thursday will also be clear in Melbourne with a maximum of 16C. Expect a few showers on Friday but it’s Saturday when the rain will settle in with temperatures continuing around the mid-teen mark.

The mercury will sink on Sunday to a low of 7C and high of just 13C with continuing showers, with Monday and Tuesday bringing much of the same.

There could be some snow on higher ground in the Alps and Snowies but the beginning of the season is still somewhat lacklustre. It will be cold enough for some flurries on the weekend, but dumpings will not be huge, forecasters have warned.

A cold day in Tasmania, reaching just 12C in Hobart. On Friday, temperatures will rise to 14C ahead of the front but the morning will be a chilly 5C.

Afternoon showers on Saturday, but Sunday and Monday are looking the wettest with around 15mm falling each day and highs of around 14C.

Thursday and Friday should be sunny with highs of 14C in Canberra. It all goes south on Saturday with up to 25mm of rain falling. Maximums should be around 13C.

The chill comes through on Sunday with a high of just 11C and minimums in the low single digits which will set the pattern for the early part of next week – but the rain should ease.

Warm in comparison in Sydney, with maximums hovering around the 18-20C range for the next few days and lows of 10C. Showers are likely on Sunday but less heavy and persistent than further south.

Milder conditions in Queensland with Brisbane seeing highs around 22C all weekend. There could be the odd shower for the next few days.

Sunny and dry in Darwin with highs of 32C and lows of 22C but the minimums will drop as we go into next week.

Showers have eased in Western Australia but Perth could still see some moisture today with a high of 18C. It’s a similar story tomorrow. Dry on the weekend with highs of 20C but cold mornings of around 5C.

“The next cold front to hit the west coast will arrive early next week,” said Mr Saunders.

“On Monday we’ve got a band of rain and strong winds approaching from the west, tapping into some northern Indian Ocean moisture and that could see some heavy falls along the west coast.”

If you’re heading out on Monday or Tuesday in Perth, pack an umbrella.

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