White House defends police treatment of Australian media.

Donald Trumps press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has protected the police treatment of a Seven Network crew in spite of two officials being set on administrative leave.

Amelia Brace was struck by a truncheon and Tim Myers punched and hit with a shield when US Park Police in revolt gear forcefully cleared Washington DC’s Lafayette Square of protesters on Monday in front of a visit to a congregation by US President Donald Trump.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who contrasted Mr Trump’s stroll with the congregation to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill analyzing bomb ravaged London in World War II, safeguarded the actions of the police.

Park Police acting Chief Gregory Monahan says “As is consistent with our established practices and procedures, two US Park Police officers have been assigned to administrative duties, while an investigation takes place regarding the incident with the Australian Press,”.

Ms Brace and Mr Myers, who were doing a live cross back to Australia when they were struck, said they were shot with rubber bullets and struggled to breathe after tear gas was fired into the crowd.

Speaking to the media, Ms McEnany said “the protesters were told three times over loudspeakers they needed to move,

They became increasingly “unruly”, throwing frozen water bottles and various other projectiles at police.

“The officers had no other choice than, in that moment, to act and make sure that they were safe and that the perimeter was pushed back, and the action taken by Park Police was “Appropriate” she said.

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