Woman dragged by train at Chatswood station after arm gets trapped

A woman who stuck her arm into the closing door of a Sydney train is lucky to be alive after she became trapped and was dragged along the platform.

Shocking footage obtained by 7 News shows commuters running from the stairwell to catch the train at Chatswood, just after 5pm in 2018. As the train closes its doors the woman, in a blue top, runs and sticks her hand into the trains door.

She then stands calmly and waits for the door to reopen and free her wrist — however the door doesn’t reopen, and the train begins to move, dragging her along the platform.

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Stuart Mills from Sydney Trains called the woman’s actions “dangerous behaviour”, adding she could “have had a very serious injury”.

Mr Mills said it was the vigilance of the guards and platform staff who saved the woman’s life.

He said the doors on Sydney trains are designed to spring open when jammed with objects, but the woman’s wrist may have been too slender to trigger the opening mechanism.

After the incident, the woman was “badly shaken” but didn’t require first aid at the station, and she later boarded another train.

There are three passenger injuries for every one million journeys taken on Sydney Trains according to the report.

Sydney Trains said the incident should serve as a reminder to commuters to take care while travelling on trains.

“There will be other trains coming, so don’t put yourself at risk,” Mr Mills said.

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