Woolworths supermarket manager Marty Murtagh gets Thanks A Million nomination after saving a life

What began as a typical workday for Melbourne man Marty Murtagh ultimately resulted in the father-of-two saving a life.

Last November, the Preston Woolworths store manager was called to assist an unconscious man who had gone into cardiac arrest in the supermarket’s car park.

“I was with working with my customer service manager when we got word that our store’s defibrillator was required in the car park,” Mr Murtagh said.

Along with other members of staff, Mr Murtagh rushed to the man’s aid and began to perform CPR, helping to stabilise his condition.

“We dialled triple-0 and followed the defibrillator’s guidelines and our training protocol, rotating CPR until the first ambulance arrived on the scene,” Mr Murtagh said.

“The feedback we were given from emergency services was that early intervention of CPR and using the defibrillator helped improve his condition immensely, which was nice to hear.”

The man, who was placed in an induced coma at the Alfred Hospital, has since recovered, with Mr Murtagh’s selfless act earning him a Thanks a Million nomination.

“I’ve worked in retail for more than 20 years now and have always put my hand up for CPR courses,” the store manager said.

“As a father of two young girls, I wanted to ensure that I would know how to respond if anything was to ever happen to my loved ones.”

It’s been a demanding period for Mr Murtagh and the Preston Woolworths team, with supermarkets relied upon more than ever during the pandemic.

“Ultimately we became essential workers and I think for the team and myself, we’re really proud to have worked and served the community when they needed us the most,” Mr Murtagh said.

The Thanks A Million Pride of Australia awards recognise those who have gone above and beyond to help their fellow Australians through the challenges of 2020.

Nominate someone at thanksamillion.net.au and they could receive a $200 Woolworths Gift Card.

Terms and conditions apply. For full terms and conditions, visit thanksamillion.net.au

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